critical thinking and innovation

In the Knowledge era, information is easily accessible. It is not finding information that is an important skill, but rather interpreting, analysing and discerning data that is a critical skill.  Learning to use knowledge in new ways is what will enable students to build their skills and develop useful economic businesses.

Technology will replace over fifty percent of the jobs currently in force.  The need for students to develop an innovative mindset that allows them to see market gaps and develop solutions to complex problems is a critical competency.  This mindset is developed at school through in depth problem-solving opportunities, systems thinking development and a skills-based curriculum, which we constantly grow at Elkanah House.


At Elkanah House, developing entrepreneurial skills is integrated into most areas of school life. Students learn to develop products and services from concept to branding, which they then sell. They are also encouraged to build sustainable social and business opportunities in their areas of interest.

Through the concept of “ Our School Village”, students have opportunities to develop their business acumen. Whether designing sets on the theatre stage, apprenticing in sound and lighting, performing in their bands for events, marketing products at community functions, waitressing or building their own social entrepreneurship enterprises, the focus on upliftment of skills is ingrained in all we do at Elkanah House.  






integration of technology

We adopt a progressive approach to developing IT competencies in our students in an age and educationally appropriate way.  Our goal is to produce competent, responsible digital citizens who are able to use technology as an advantage to contribute sustainably in our world. We integrate innovative technology skills in our lessons from Grade R to Grade 12.  Students work on their own iPads from Grade 4 and are required to work with MacBooks from Grade 9 onwards.  Children are also taught coding in their primary school years; have opportunities to learn robotics and gaming; and are taught digital citizenship throughout their schooling career.  IT Programming is offered as a subject through to Grade 12 and owing to the extensive IT enrichment opportunities offered to students, they consistently achieve well above the IEB average for their IT Programming final marks.

Elkanah House is a proud Apple One:One school.  Some of the latest awards won by Elkanah House staff and students are:

  • our senior primary ICT Coordinator won the International ISTE Award for her travelling rhinos project;
  • three of our high school students represented South Africa at the International Microsoft and Adobe competitions;
  • two students and our High School ICT Coordinator won the iSchool Press Award in 2016.


what our students have to say

  • I am able to be myself, balancing my academics with my interest in drama.  Elkanah House is like a family who truly care for each other and the environment. 

    Emily Johnson