Giving back through Maths Project!

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Learning beyond examinations and Loving beyond self form two of our values at Elkanah House. Our teachers are always looking for opportunities where they can reflect these values through various lessons. In the second term, the Grade 7s collected coins for a Maths Project where they were tasked to determine the weight, volume, smell etc. of these coins! The class who collected the most coins won a pizza day. This was a prime example of how we put learning to practice, providing an enriched project-based learning experience.

An extended benefit of this project was that part of the proceeds of the money collected was donated to Home of Hope in Milnerton. This is a home for abandoned children, many of whom suffer from Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. They are cared for by dedicated volunteers, who seek to provide a family environment for these vulnerable little ones.

On Monday 28 August 2017, the Grade 7s handed over R800 to Home of Home at their Grade assembly. Pictured here are Quinn Waters and Kelsey Chiang (SRC for Grade 7s) and Hayley Gimingham. This donation will be put towards refurbishing a room in their new premises. #learningbeyondexaminations #lovingbeyondself

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