At Elkanah House, we understand the importance of physical health on academic progress.  We believe that children develop many life skills on the sports field and we encourage both participation and successful competition. Our philosophy is benchmarked on international best practice aimed at developing physical health and winning attitudes. Our programme includes a range of individual and team sports including athletics, cricket, cross-country, hockey, soccer, swimming, tennis, rugby, water polo and softball. We also offer many enrichment opportunities that allow students to develop their outdoor interests, including zumba, hiking, scuba diving, body-boarding and yoga, among others.

Our unique approach to health and sport is:

  • qualified coaches encourage and motivate pupil participation;
  • broad-based athletic skills are developed in our younger children so that they develop strong motor skills and an interest in a variety of sporting codes;
  • competitive sport is introduced from Grade 3 and we encourage a commitment to practices and matches.



art, drama, dance and music

We believe that students develop confidence and intelligence through their cultural activities.  Whether they are singing on the stage, mastering a musical instrument, debating an environmental agenda, painting a masterpiece or competing in a chess match, students learn social skills, interdependence, perseverance, freedom of expression and confidence.  They fundamentally build their ability to relate to the world in a creative manner.  

We offer a wide variety of cultural activities and have achieved many accolades as a school for our stellar stage productions, musical ensembles, dance achievements and debating awards.   We have a compulsory music programme for our young Grade 2s and 3s as music is scientifically demonstrated to have a positive effect on brain development in young children.  We also offer music, art, design, dance and drama as subject through to Grade 12.

“The arts must be considered an essential element of education.  They are tools for living reflectively, joyfully and with the ability to shape the future.”

what our students have to say

  • I am able to be myself, balancing my academics with my interest in drama.  Elkanah House is like a family who truly care for each other and the environment. 

    Emily Johnson