Arthur PrestonHead:
Primary Schools

    Arthur has served as a principal for 10 years, having also spent time in both primary school education as a class teacher and full-time Christian ministry. He holds qualifications in Primary Education and Youth Ministry (Theology). Arthur is well-known as a speaker at conferences and seminars both inside and outside South Africa. He is currently studying for a qualification in Strategic Management. 

    about me
    I am a proud dad of two Elkanah House boys and love living in Cape Town.  I am passionate about primary education; laying solid foundations for success as an adult and believe that learning is a lifelong adventure.  I enjoy plane-spotting; am a geeky follower of commercial aviation and am excited about leading a primary school team onto new adventures!

    core skill set

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    • Building teams;
    • Curriculum design;
    • Public speaking;
    • Leading educational change;
    • Technology in education.