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Elkanah House is well known for its theatre productions and well-managed, elaborate events. We have a beautiful multi-purpose theatre which is the perfect setting for events such musical productions, conferencing and festive events. This venue is made available for both school and external functions.

Our theatre can be transformed into the ideal conference venue, using the Schoolyard Café positioned next to it for all catering requirements. During non-school periods, our classrooms can be used as breakaway venues too.

The theatre offers:

  • tiered seating, including an overhanging gallery;
  • seating at the foot of the stage can be converted into an orchestra pit;
  • a multipurpose venue ideal for a dinner-dance, drama, theatrical productions and musical spectaculars;
  • a hydraulic floor that can be lifted and several rows magically make way after the show for a flat surface that meets the stage to become a large hall;
  • a space that can be used as a gymnasium, or for sport,  recreational activities and displays.

The theatre is equipped with:

  • sound and lighting;
  • support staff during your event or production/show;
  • catering services offered by the Schoolyard Café for during- or after-show dinners, snacks and beverages.

schoolyard cafe

Our Schoolyard Café is a project that we are proud of: as part of our staff enrichment programme, it is now a business run by previous employees of the Café, empowering them to become entrepreneurs within our community.

The Schoolyard Café offers:

  • a multipurpose restaurant for Elkanah House staff, pupils and the extended community;
  • our motto is ‘Health for Life’, so all of our food options are healthy, delicious choices that are freshly prepared daily;
  • in summer, the café offers an airy and expansive gathering place, with large doors opening onto al fresco terraces with sunny lawns and manicured gardens;
  • during cold months, a log fire and adjoining firepit creates a warm environment – an ideal indoor venue for a winter function;
  • we have an in-house team that can cater for and host various events.

Click here to book the Schoolyard Café for your next event or function

schoolyard community events

For many years, Elkanah House hosted our Schoolyard Market as an ideal place for our broader community to come together and relax.  We recently redefined the market concept introducing the Schoolyard Community Events, which include several entertainment showcases a year, bringing in market traders relevant to the theme.  These events are aimed at providing a variety of fun-filled experiences throughout the year.

Events that we have hosted so far include:
Whose Song is it Anyway – a hilarious evening of musical competition in teams encompassing dinner and loads of fun!
International Food Festival  a community event with food flavours from around the world
Chilled Vibes – a relaxed evening of dinner, family activities and music in our beautiful summer gardens.

Upcoming Schoolyard Community Events:
8 August                 Women’s Backstage Dinner
2 September          Marimba Festival
4 November           Throwback Schoolyard Healthy Living Market
1 December            Christmas Market and Carols

upcoming events calendar

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what our students have to say

  • I am able to be myself, balancing my academics with my interest in drama.  Elkanah House is like a family who truly care for each other and the environment. 

    Emily Johnson