christian ethos

While we are a home for families of all cultures and faiths, we follow a Christian ethos at Elkanah House.  We believe that the foundation of a child’s education must be in timeless values that carry them spiritually through life. Religious instruction is not integrated into our curriculum, but we share Christian teachings in our assemblies and home classes in the mornings.  We believe that the primary way that we live through Christ is to love one another, so we promote the values of acceptance, kindness and tolerance.









At Elkanah House, we are committed to embracing the principles of sustainable development. Leading by example, we have water-wise gardens, award-winning environmentally friendly buildings and, throughout their schooling, your children will take part in various environmental initiatives.  Our flagship projects include recycling, paper-reduction, beach cleanups, vegetable gardens, conservation projects and integrating environmental sustainability into our curriculum.  We are the only school in South Africa to have collected 1 million kilograms of recyclable waste and we have reduced our consumption of paper by over fifty percent in two years.

Our recycling project extends as an outreach initiative in our neighbouring suburb, Dunoon. We have partnered with Inkwenkwezi Secondary School, Beyond Education and Partners for Possibility to support the Recycle Swop Shop, whereby residents and students of Du Noon drop off recycling or help to sort it, and in return are given tokens which they use to buy basic items from the swop shop.

Our recycling programme is driven by many community volunteers.  To join or find out more about our recycling programme, contact

our recycling committee
Blouberg Preparatory              Liesle Clement
Sunningdale Preparatory       Jacques Venter
Senior Primary                         Nicole Sturlese
High School                              Sharon Large

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.”  

community building

At Elkanah House, we truly endorse the philosophy of School at the Centre of Community. We inculcate it into our educational philosophy and school life by offering students many opportunities to engage in impactful community projects. Whether collaborating with sister schools in impoverished areas, working with older citizens in retirement homes, revamping animal shelters or assisting abandoned-children homes, our social outreach programme transforms not only the communities we work with, but also the hearts and minds of our Elkanah House students who develop a deep social conscience that also has led to the establishment of several of their own social entrepreneurship ventures.  

Our Encore programme is another Elkanah House community-builder that brings over 300 senior citizens together with weekly excursions, activities and events that ensure that young and old members of our community collaborate and are cared for.

Parents are always invited at Elkanah House.  We believe that you play a vital role in your child’s education and we work in partnership with you so that you too have a sense of belonging to the Elkanah House family.  

“Remember what it felt like to be excluded, so that you can build a community where everyone is included.” Lisa Friedman

what our students have to say

  • I am able to be myself, balancing my academics with my interest in drama.  Elkanah House is like a family who truly care for each other and the environment. 

    Emily Johnson