To apply at Elkanah House, please select the campus of interest below, relevant to your child/rens ages.  Sunningdale is split into the Preparatory and Senior Primary campus once you select it.

Kindly complete the online prompts and upload all required documentation.  A non-refundable application fee of R 650 will be applied to all applications.   From this point, our Admissions Officer will be in contact with you to assist you in the process to complete your registration.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful school.

Sunningdale (Preparatory)

Our Sunningdale Preparatory campus accommodates the following age groups:

Grade 000

3 years old, turning 4 in that year.

Grade 00

 4 years old, turning 5 in that year. 

Grade 0/R

 5 years old, turning 6 in that year. 

Grade 1

 6 years old, turning 7 in that year. 

Preparatory (Blouberg)

Our Blouberg Preparatory campus accommodates the following age groups:

Grade 000

3 years old, turning 4 in that year.

Grade 00

 4 years old, turning 5 in that year. 

Grade 0/R

 5 years old, turning 6 in that year. 

Grade 1

 6 years old, turning 7 in that year. 

Sunningdale (Senior Primary)

Our Senior Primary campus also situated at the Sunningdale campus offers Grades 4 to 6.

High School

Our High School campus is a separate campus which is situated in Sunningdale and offers Grades 7 to 12.

Banking Details


Branch Number: 632005

Account Number: 4092926585

Please make payments for enrolment and tuition fees to our bank account via EFT. Application fees are payable online via the PayU gateway.

Please note: When submitting your application you will be required to pay an online application fee. Please read the below attachment on ‘Online Payments – 3 D Secure’ to ensure that you have registered for this service with your bank before paying online. If you have not registered for this service with your bank your online payment will not be successfully submitted.

Please note: When uploading required documents to you online application; that the maximum file size for upload is 2MB. To help you reduce the size of your files, please read the following knowledge article on reducing the size of your .PDF document or reducing the size of your image file.

Please also use Google Chrome as the preferred web browser.

Technical Support

EXISTING STUDENTS: Please note that you only need to submit an enquiry or application if your child is not already enrolled at an AdvTech school.  If you are intending to transfer between schools or progress to a new phase please contact the school directly as you are not expected to pay an application fee for this move.

NEW ENQUIRIES AND APPLICATIONS:  For technical support for your enquiry or application please contact


At Elkanah House, we offer a homely environment and progressive, whole-child education that enables students to be who they are, while optimally developing their creativity, 21st century skills and academic excellence. 

We offer a rich variety of sporting, cultural, enrichment and leadership opportunities to celebrate students’ individual, unique talents.  Visit our school for a day and you will want to stay!

Applications are now open for Scholarship opportunities available for 2020 for Grade 8.  If you achieved an 80% aggregate in your last report, we invite you to APPLY NOW!  Please ensure all required documentation is included in your application.

Closing date for applications:  19 February 2019

Email notification will be sent on 22 February 2019 to all successful applicants who are invited to write our Scholarship test on Wednesday, 27 February 2019.




fee structure

At Elkanah House we have structured our fees to include many extras such as outings, compulsory extra curricular activities, workbook packs (Grade 1 to 6) and Visual Art and Design basic packs (Grade 12). 


Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of our fee structure.

frequently asked questions


What is the IEB?

The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) is an assessment method run by an autonomous organisation. As the focus is on deeper learning, the IEB method ensures that students are developing their 21st century skills such as critical thinking, analysis and creative learning. 

Why does Elkanah House choose the IEB?

We believe that the IEB offers students the best long-term academic and developmental success.  IEB schools are among the best in the country and we have confidence in the integrity of the examinations, which are marked by experts.  Research also demonstrates that students who come through the IEB system are better equipped to succeed after school no matter what profession they choose, as they have been well trained in relevant competencies for the future.

Are the IEB exams more difficult?

All examinations in South Africa, including the IEB, are accredited by Umalusi, the statutory assurance body that ensures that the Grade 12 standards are being met consistently.  The IEB is not considered to be a more difficult exam, but rather is a different system which trains students to approach their studies with deeper thinking.  With the excellent teaching standards and extra support that we provide at Elkanah House, students who learn through the IEB system achieve excellent results.  The diversity of subjects offered through the IEB also provides opportunity for students to specialise in more academic as well as more practical subjects, depending on their strengths.

How do IEB students do at university and other tertiary institutions?

Research has shown that pupils coming from IEB schools cope better with the level of work required at university: 98% of first-year (IEB) students will graduate compared with 50% who have come from alternative examination bodies.  For further information on the Independent Examination Board, visit


How do I register my child?

Click here to register your child at Elkanah House.

Who do I contact to register my child or check if there are places available?

Contact our Admissions Department:
Telephone: 021 554 8650

Do I get my loan deposit back?

The refundable loan deposit is paid back at the end of your child’s Grade 12 year or the December of the year that they leave the school.

What if the Grade and/or class I am interested in is full?

We know how important it is for you to have your child’s school secured.  We actively manage our waiting lists and will contact you as soon as a place becomes available.

How do I apply for a Scholarship at Elkanah House?

Click here for more information.


Where can I purchase the uniform?

We have a uniform shop at the high school campus that operates from Monday to Thursday at 12 to 5pm.

Is there a difference between the Blouberg and Sunningdale Preparatory campuses?

Other than their locations, there is no difference. Both campuses start with children from age of three years old to Grade 3 and run on the same themes, curriculum and fees.

Is there a library and IT Centre at Elkanah House?

Each of Elkanah House’s campuses is self-sufficient and houses its own IT centre and library, as well as sports facilities.

Is there Aftercare and Holiday Care facilities?

Yes, there are three types of aftercare available for pupils up to and including Grade 3:  early care (07h00 – 08h00), half-day aftercare (12h30 – 14h00) and full-day aftercare (12h30 – 17h30).

Is sport compulsory?

All our children are required to take part in extra-murals twice a week. Sport and physical movement are vital to a child’s development and academic success.  We include a wide variety of physical activities to ensure that children develop interests in many sports and that their motor skills develop in all areas. We promote a Health for Life policy and programme throughout our school. 

What sport do we offer at Elkanah House?

Please click on your relevant age group below for more information under the sport section of the campus related. 

Age 3 to Grade 3
Grade 4 to 6 
Grade 7 to 12 

How do I find out more about renting facilities and trading at events?

We have a beautiful theatre facility and regularly rent out space on our premises to our community.  We also host regular community events at which traders can offer services. Fee free to contact Michelle Johnson ( for more information.

what our students have to say

  • I am able to be myself, balancing my academics with my interest in drama.  Elkanah House is like a family who truly care for each other and the environment. 

    Emily Johnson