principal: pippa sinclair

I am the principal of Sunningdale Prep and the proud parent of three children at Elkanah House. I am passionate about education and the impact we have, as educators, to open the doors of possibility for the young children we teach.  I believe in a whole child centred education and in finding the balance in all that we do in life. I taught for many years before also exploring other opportunities in the business world, confirming that my heart lies in education! I love to spend time outdoors, hiking and enjoying the natural beauty all around us. Family and friends are important to me and I believe that building relationships is key to a healthy work and personal life.

I believe that one measure of success is creating an environment where children and staff want to be. I believe that this is what we have at our school and I feel enormously privileged to do what I love everyday.





Our dedicated team of qualified educators are trained to inspire children at this young age through playful discovery, prompting them to question their environment and develop their curiosity and enquiring minds. Our whole-child educational philosophy to develop active bodies and minds is instilled at this young age through participation in our extensive offering of academic, sport and cultural activities.


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In the early years, emphasis is placed on participation and the development of skills, rather than on competition. Our well-trained coaches will instill in your child the value of sportsmanship and teamwork, as well as a wide variety of age-appropriate sports skills. Children are given opportunities to participate in competitive sport from Grade 3 onwards.


4-5 group
soccercise starz
teddy tennis

grade R – summer               grade R – winter 
cricket                                       fives tag rugby
softball                                      netball
teddy tennis                             soccercise starz
athletics                                    hockey

*all pre-primary sport is a paid for extra mural 

junior primary summer

group tennis
softball development
junior swimming (grade 1 & 2)
squad swimming (grade 3)
cricket development (grade 1 & 2)
KFC mini cricket (grade 3)
private tennis coaching (ATA tennis academy) * paid for extra mural

junior primary winter

cross country
rugby development
netball development
hockey development (girls and boys)

sports uniforms

extra mural activities
Elkanah House stone-coloured T-shirt
navy track pants
navy shorts/skorts
checked track top
cap or Cricket cap
white trainers with stone-coloured socks

inter-house activities
Elkanah house colour top (sapphire, emerald or ruby)
navy shorts or skort
appropriate footwear with stone-coloured socks

Elkanah House costume or navy blue costume
Elkanah House swimming cap as per house colour (Sapphire, Emerald or Ruby)

art, drama, dance and music

We offer our students many opportunities to develop their cultural skills as we believe that this is a vital part of their development.  We have a compulsory music programme where students learn the recorder and then the violin, as this has positive impacts on their brain development.  Participation in these activities forms a critical part of the whole-child education we offer at Elkanah House.


4-5 group
clamber club sports
little movers dance
manners 4 minors
stretch ‘n grow

grade R
clamber club sports
creative club
little movers dance
manners 4 minors
emotional intelligence

* all paid for extra mural activities 

junior primary

environmental club
game on

krafty kidz club *
marimbas *
experi-buddies (grade 1 only) *
zumba kidz *
modern dancing *
drama (Helen ‘O Grady) *
mini chefs (grade 3 only) *
robotics (grade 3 only) *

*all paid for extra mural activities 

aftercare and holiday programme

At Elkanah House, we understand the needs of our working parents and offer an aftercare facility from the close of school until 17h30 for children up to Grade 3. This facility offers your children support from a separate team of aftercare staff, a balanced lunch and supervised homework classes.

We also offer a fun-filled holiday programme that is filled with activities to keep your children entertained.