principal: vivienne jones

I have been the  Principal of the High School since 2012.  I have Education running through my blood;  how children learn and develop never loses its fascination and I am constantly striving to further understand the learning process and the factors that affect it.  

I completed a  Master’s degree in Education to give me more insight into Teacher training, Barriers to Learning and Educational Leadership. 

The Elkanah House ethos is dear to my heart as I witness how our ‘home away from home’ creates an atmosphere in which children can learn without fear and can live authentically without judgement. The joie de vivre of the Elkanah House children brings me joy, daily! 

Walking feeds my soul – No distance seems too long – but some slopes do seem too steep!

I have the privilege to lead a school that I love, a career that provides fulfilment,  and family and friends that make life complete.




Our high school provides students with an opportunity to build their independence and develop their identities in a safe and structured way.  Our academic programme, still following the IEB assessment, enables students with multiple intelligences to find their interests and develop their talents. Whether they enjoy the Arts and choose to specialise in our diverse Drama, Dance, Art and Music programmes; or specialise in Advanced Mathematics and English; or grow their entrepreneurship and business muscles; or develop their science expertise through our advanced IT, Physics and Engineering subjects, our high school nurtures the strengths of every student.  We also do it in a way that puts relaxed but structured boundaries in place so that teenagers are able to develop their sense of belonging and identity, which are vital to this developmental phase.

compulsory subjects

Life Orientation and
either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.

elective subjects

Your child will pick three of the below subjects:
Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Visual Arts
Dance Studies
Dramatic Arts
Information Technology
Engineering Graphics and Design

advanced programmes

Your children are offered Advanced Programmes (AP) as optional additional subjects to be taken (these are aligned to international A levels):


Physical education lessons form part of Life Orientation and all children are required to participate in our extramural programme at least twice a week. We believe in healthy sportsmanship and winning attitudes.  We compete and feature well against many schools by placing an emphasis on commitment, teamwork and self-discipline, both on and off the field.  We also use sport as a means to develop leadership in young adults.


summer sport

squad tennis
summer league hockey (girls)
running programme
water polo

winter sport

hockey (boys and girls)
soccer (boys and girls)
running programme

sports uniform

Although we encourage our children’s individualities, please respect that sports uniforms are appropriate to each discipline and should not be mixed and matched as seen fashionable.

physical education/sports practice
Elkanah House stone-coloured T-shirt
school tracksuit
navy shorts/skorts
cap or cricket hat
appropriate footwear
stone-coloured socks

inter-house activities
Elkanah T-shirts (Sapphire, Emerald & Ruby)
Elkanah House costume

Elkanah House costume or navy blue costume
Elkanah House swimming cap as per house colour (Sapphire, Emerald or  Ruby)

uniform matches

girls: match shirt to be worn with:
softball: navy shorts
netball: navy shorts and stone socks
hockey: navy shorts and Elkanah House sports socks
tennis: navy shorts
athletics: match shirts, navy shorts/shorts and white trainers

boys: match shirt to be worn with
cricket: navy shorts, Elkanah sports socks
hockey: navy shorts, Elkanah sports socks
soccer: navy shorts, Elkanah sports socks
tennis: navy shorts
navy shorts and white trainers

art, drama, dance and music

We take pride in developing children’s cultural abilities to give them a sense of self-confidence and to encourage them to express themselves. Their abilities are developed in line with their growth through their high school journey as follows:

  • Grades 7: involved in all aspects of Creative Arts (Visual Arts, Dance, Music and Drama).
  • Grades 8 and 9:  students can select two components from the Creative Arts’ fields – one in each semester
  • Grade 10: children may choose one of the cultural disciplines as part of their subject choice.

Music forms a big part of our culture and for this reason we encourage all our children to play a musical instrument. Once a certain level of sight-reading and technical skill is reached, children are given the opportunity to join our orchestra.

We offer: individual development in keyboard, piano, recorder, violin, cello, woodwind instruments, drum kit, acoustic and electric guitar, marimba and jazz band.

Our Design department is one of the biggest in the country and we offer all four fields in the subject: Communication Design, Surface Design, Product Design and Design in various Environments.